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    • 11-11 GOLDEN GATEWAYS TO ASCENSION with noraWalksinspirit
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    • 11:11 Gateway with noraWalksinspirit
    • 11:11 Gateway Transcription E-book

In This Session:

As this 11-11 Gateway shimmers GOLDEN LIGHT ESSENCES of these new Dimensions of Light, we are all ready to step into the Higher Consciousness Fields to soar beyond these 3D Fields into Ascension. And on this 11-11 Gateway the Masters will be introducing Golden ESSENCES of Light Strands elevating us into Ascension Frequencies as we Step Into Higher Gateways of Reality Consciousness.

YOU are the Awakening Master Souls who are elevating more rapidly into Higher States of Consciousness than you know.

When you step into Ascension Frequencies, you are soaring, Spiraling out of the Body at the Crown Chakra, through your Aura Fields into your Crystalline Etheric Fields of Ascension Consciousness. This was delivered on the 9-9 Gateway and amplified in the 10-10 Gateway and now this 11th month, we will be harmonizing our Aura Body and Inner Body with Golden Light Essences from our Higher Etheric Body with Absolute Peace and a deeper Knowing of our Inner Soul Child blending into a Light Soul. 

This 11-11 Gateway is about Harmonizing and Synchronizing of these Light waveforms that are settling more directly into our Chakra Bodies and Inner Mind’s Eyes. We have been aligning and balancing all year, and now it is time to begin Accepting and Integrating these Light Crystal Particles from within our fields. So, that we are ready to Soar into Wholeness of a ONENESS Consciousness on the 12-12-12 Gateway.

Join Me, NoraWalksinSpirit with the Masters of Light within the Grid Systems of all that the Star Beings, Star Elders, Star Nations as we connect to all around the world on Monday, November 11th for the 11:11 Gateway Global Activation. The show is recorded for replay. If you would like to participate, register today.

Recorded November 11, 2019