Course curriculum

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    • 12:12:12 a day to Align, Attune and Become ONE
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    Morning Channel with noraWalksinspirit

    • Morning Message in South Africa
    • Transcript - 2-12-12 GATEWAY 2019 Table Mountain Energies of Love-Light-Peace 5 AM Message
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    Table Mountain in South Africa

    • Watch Now noraWalksinspirit live from Table Mountain in South Africa
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    Message on Table Mountain South Africa

    • Table Mountain Message
    • 12-12-12 Gateway Transcript Table Mountain Message 2019 with noraWalksinspirit
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    Bonus Videos

    • Onon Male Dance Ceremony
    • Giraffe Walking
    • Elephants Walking
    • Elephant Charging
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    Bonus Images

    • We were surrounded by the Animal Kingdoms

Live From South Africa with noraWalksinspirit

Join ME, and those who are called to walk with Me into the Higher Grid Systems with the Star Beings, Star Elders, Star Nations in Africa, and all of you from around the world on Thursday, December 12th for the 12:12:12 Gateway. So, we can create a Global Activation

On the Sacred 12:12:12 GATEWAY 12:12:12 a day to Align, Attune and Become ONE with all 12 Dimensions of our Universe and All Kingdoms who are shifting with us! On this Sacred day of Ascension, a Cosmic Portal opens throughout the Galaxy to Align, Attune and Activate our 12 DNA Strands to the Light Codes arriving from the higher Dimensional Realms of Consciousness. Stand by Me with the Kingdoms and get Connected while a Master Message pours from the Realms on top of Table Mountain. This is Crystal Light moment when you are able to Align and Ignite into your own Crystal Light Soul’s Ascension for 2020 and onward. Since this is such a empowering Crystallizing Gateway, I will be doing a Recorded Video broadcast from on top of Table Mountain in Cape Town S. Africa.

Bonus material

  • Bonus Images and Videos of Animals

    Magical Photos and Video Footage of the Animals on Safari.