Course curriculum

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    • On this Sacred Alignment date of March 3rd
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    • 3:3 Gateway Audio
    • Access via Soundcloud

We welcome the Enlightened Ones, Builders of Form, Crystal Light Elevated Ones, All Star Nations, our Elders and all our Ancestors of Light.

We welcome All Beings from All Dimensions.

We welcome all Etheric Energies and new Hologram Beings. 

We welcome these Masters of Infinite Intelligences, who have been Awakening and tapping subtly within our Inner Souls to assist in this higher Journey of ONENESS.

JOIN ME (Master Energies) of LIGHT on this Sacred Alignment date of March 3rd as I bring forward a Vibrational Tone, Activation of Light and Purification of all Souls for this 3-3 Gateway will more than just a MIRROR of Connections to your Inner Soul Being.