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    • 7-7 Gateway 2020

7-7 GATEWAY 2020

Awakening of Divinities of LIGHT Consciousness

I welcome you all to the upcoming 7-7 GATEWAY… An elevating activating Connection into a Crystal Light Consciousness of your Soul Light Journey unveiling within you now.

These Infinite Masters of Light have been awaiting our Stepping into Mastery Fields of their Oneness Consciousness, and this 7-7 GATEWAY will not only elevate your Hearts and Minds to Listen within to your Soul LIGHT Essence, but will Align Balance and Activate your entire Body into a deeper Honoring and Connection to your Soul Child.

There is a profound sense of Knowing from deep within our Body, Mind and Soul, that we are all ready to Step UP onto a Platform… into a‘77 Gateway or Portal of our own Spiritual Journey Home to Mastering our Harmonic Telepathic Vibration of LIGHT.

And it is time to begin accepting all that we See, Hear and Feel around us now of these Masters of Infinite Knowledge Wisdom and Light Vibrations speaking to us…..

I look forward to building and creating a Merkabah Platform for you to Step into to retrieve your Master Crystalline Energies on this Sacred 7-7 GATEWAY.

Recorded July 7, 2020

Let your GIFTS of Healing, Telepathic Chords and Integrations of Light begin