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8-8 GATEWAY 2020


We come together on a Sacred hour of this 8-8 Gateway in a 2020 year, of the 8th Month knowing that these numbers are an alignment of numbers being a part of the instrument of Elliptical Ratios of numbers activating higher Vibrations into Kingdoms and Elements on Gaia. 

The amplifying radiant Light energies are sowing together these numbers in a sequence and a Format, and a Ratio of elevating our Consciousness, and empowering us to move into the higher states of Mastery.

And as these Infinite Masters of heightened Intelligences continue to deliver their Energies of Light Intelligences into all Aura Fields on the Planet, we will ALL begin to raise and elevate our Soul Light Frequencies back into the originating Oneness quotients of Light of Who we truly are!

We are ready to shift our Consciousness through these Infinite Light Crystals arriving on this 8-8 Gateway, to assist in the Activation of our own Crystalline Ascension.

I encourage you to join in on this Sacred empowering 8:8 Lions Gateway of a Portal Alignment and Activation into your Higher Soul’s Consciousness of ONENESS.

Recorded August 8, 2020

Let your GIFTS of Healing, Telepathic Chords and Integrations of Light begin