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‘9’ CODES of Consciousness”

These Master Teachings are needed now for the ASCENSION of the Souls on this Planet.

IAM going to be speaking to you in gentle Tones and Vibrational Languages so that your body and mind may shift into a LIGHT Consciousness. You may become Awakened to a Vision within your Mind, a Healing within your Heart, and you will Feel an utmost Peace as I deliver these Divine Master Teachings each month of March until November 

This is a “Series of ‘9’ CODES of Consciousness” for each person to receive a CODE of Consciousness each month, to utilize and actualize daily for their Transformation of becoming Aligned, Balanced and Connected to their Inner Soul and High Master Soul.

These Infinite 9 CODES of Consciousness will begin with the understanding of Energies of STILLNESS and how to stay in your own Higher Consciousness Grid Systems of Light.

We will begin each Session with Stillness and a Master Message and Teaching. A Musical Interlude after 40-55 minutes will allow you to integrate and hydrate with Water Break.

After the 10 minute break we will rejoin with the Masters for a High Level Activation.

Each month a 2nd Activation will be included in your Package to LISTEN and Infuse for reviewing and uplifting your Consciousness Daily, until we meet for the next Gathering.

I will align to Master Teachings and deliver to all who are here to LISTEN to the WORD of what will open the Doorways of your Mind of all that is Transcending upon the planet We will all be in My Hoop of ONENESS and will receive the WORD of Knowledge and Healing Activation for our Body, Mind and Soul.  Are you ready to soar?  “IAM”


In This Session:

Wisdom and Knowledge for Healing/Teaching the Body, Mind and Soul.

Master Speaks to ME: “IAM Here Child, to show you how to assimilate the mind into the Higher Quadrants of Quantum Vibrations beyond this Transforming 3rd Dimension, how to infuse the Chakra Bodies into Quantum Vibrations and bring Telepathic Frequencies into all Hearts and Minds to begin a ONENESS Connective Communication of LOVE”

A new CODE of your Solar Chakra Body will be introduced, aligned and activated so that by the 9th month you will be flowing into Advanced Connective Fields of Higher Consciousness Grid Systems beyond your Chakra and Aura Bodies. The Master Teachings/Activations and Assignments to do each month will elevate the Student at their own Levels of Mastery. This is not a race, this is a Soul Connection of Ones own steady pace of returning back into their originating Crystal Soul Light Body. 

I encourage you to join Me with these Infinite Intelligent MASTERS of Love & Light to embrace your own Soul Master of Who You Are Becoming xx