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‘9’ CODES of Consciousness”


These Infinite Master Teachings are here to elevate your Consciousness 

During these Teachings, you will experience Shifts within your own Consciousness, and begin to feel elevated Light Vibrations flowing within your Body Mind and Soul Being.

This Month we will be Harmonizing, Synchronizing, Integrating and Magnetically tuning into your Crystal Light Soul’s CODES of Consciousness to embrace your Inner Child.

As these months progress you will find more direct Alignments to your Telepathic Waveforms that we have activated from within of your Crown CODES, 3rd Eye CODES, that have both attuned your Inner Mind’s Eye, Inner Mind and Inner Ears to that of your Higher Soul’s Telepathic Frequencies. The Throat and Heart Chakras blend and synchronize to the WORD spoken and delivered from your Connections to your Master’s Soul Essence, and now we bring your Inner Soul Child into Alignment and Harmonic BLISS to these Connections and Communications of Love Light Intelligences.


I encourage you to join our expanding group ONLINE with these Infinite MASTERS who Guide, Teach and Align everyone into their MASTER SOUL.