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    • FULL MOON and LUNAR ECLIPSE initiates Powerful Energies
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Masters will amplify their Frequencies of Light

This closing out of the 3/3/3 Portal when I last spoke on the 30th of December is now beginning to house a renewing Portal for me to speak once more on 12th day of January 2020 as the New Year opens with a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse. The Masters will amplify their Frequencies of Light into this Alignment of many Planets pouring in CODES of Light Consciousness during this Sacred Alignment day of the 12th. These are your own Star-Seed Codes of your Crystal Light Seeds that will be amplifying your own Inner Light quotients of Seedlings awakening. You may see the many Golden Symbols, Letters, Patterns flowing within your Inner Mind’s Eye. And when you See and Feel these Light Quotients, know that a Word of Knowledge, or Activation of Love is aligning you into your own Star- Seed family. These are the Codes, you will be infusing in all of 2020. It is time for us to begin co creating our Human Soul to become a Star Seedling of our Crystal Star Seed Being, that is going to be enveloping the Planet’s Consciousness into Ascension for all of 2020 -2022.