Saturday And Sunday Audios

October 26 & 27 2019

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    • Gathering of Crystal Light Souls Conference
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    Saturday October 26

    • noraWalksinspirit Opening Activation Saturday
    • noraWalksinspirit Morning Teaching Saturday
    • noraWalksinspirit Stillness Activation Saturday
    • Pete Bernard Crystal Body Teaching Saturday
    • Michael Moon One With You Saturday
    • Pete Bernard Clearing into a Crystal Body Activation Saturday
    • Micheal Moon All Is One Saturday
    • noraWalksinspirit Understanding the Conscious Body Fields Saturday
    • noraWalksinspirit Crystalline Protective Shield Activation
    • Michael Moon Gone Into The Light Saturday
    • noraWalksinspirit Divine Matrix of Sacred Light Quotients - Ebook
    • 2020 BECOMING A LIGHT BODY noraWalksinspirit - Ebook
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    Sunday October 27

    • MASTER MESSAGE Sunday Oct 27th Master Message
    • noraWalksinspirit 3D Chakra Transmissions SHIFTING into 5D Crystalline Chakra ALIGNMENT - Ebook
    • noraWalksinspirit Opening Words and Stillness Activation Sunday
    • Pete Bernard Crystal Consciousness Teachings Sunday
    • Pete Bernard Crystal Mother Alignment Activation Sunday
    • Michael Moon Music Sunday
    • Michael Moon Interactive Music Sunday
    • noraWalksinspirit Master Teaching/Master Message for 2020
    • Closing Conference with Sharing Questions to Nora Pete Micheal Sunday
    • Master message for 2020, and for 12-12-12 GATEWAY energies

Featuring noraWalksinspirit, Pete Bernard & Michael Moon

For those of YOU who are infusing these heightened Gamma Rays and Plasma Waves of LIGHT into your Etheric Fields and pouring into your Inner Hearts and Awakened Minds. Join me for the Gathering Of Crystal Light Souls. Begin to unlock patterns and programs. Unleash your mind from all that WAS to all that IS to be of Mastery. All who enter will be raised up into Mastery Consciousness the moment they are seated into the vibrations of STILLNESS. The STILLNESS of the WORD within all hearts will awaken and shaken their Inner Minds to LISTEN….. to all that is spoken in words, languages, and music. The Codes are here now to be claimed. It is time to step into your knowing’s and Self Mastery. Join NoraWalksInSpirit and Pete Bernard for a Transformational weekend of Master Teachings, Master Healings, and Shamanic Wisdom to shift your Consciousness to ALL that YOU truly are!!!