Course curriculum

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    9:9 Gateway

    • Message about the 9:9 Gateway with noraWalkinsinspirit
    • Audio of 9:9 Gateway
    • 9 9 Gateway SPIRALING into ASCENSION E-Book
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    September Equinox with noraWalksinspirit

    • Message about the September 23rd Equinox
    • Audio September 23 Fall Equinox

9:9 Gateway

This 9th month we begin Spiraling into the Ascension Frequencies on much greater levels than one would realize. Your symptoms of Ascension will increase for those of you who are not releasing daily, and are holding onto the Ego Mind and Controlling Spirits of all that YOU want to be…. in your own way!

Fall Equinox

The Beings have been arriving since the Harvest Full Moon last weekend. Many Ships of “Star Seeds” and Ships of “Starlight Beings” and “Star Seeds” of Star Nations of the Star Elders have been Transmitting, Communicating and Telepathically aligning, to all other Networks of other Civilizations to bathe in these Crystalline Gridlines and Grid Systems of 5D Consciousness. The Masters of Light Dimensions will be delivering a Message and a beautiful Crystal Light Body Activation to align us into these many new Vibrational Tones, and Essences of Love Light of our own Master Soul’s Presence.