Stepping Into Mastery Session

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    • Welcome to the Master Class Teachings
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    Class Teachings

    • Stepping Into Mastery Opening Teaching
    • Crystalline Shield of Protection
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    Class Notes

    • STEPPING INTO MASTERY Aligning to a Matrix Field of LIGHT
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    • Soul Chakra Alignment

Welcome to this upcoming 10th Month of Mastery Teachings.

We will begin working this month with recognizing more of shifting transitioning Auric Fields as continue to build Crystalline Plasma Shields of Protection all around our Auric Body. In order to Accelerate our 5D Consciousness and move into these Ascension Frequencies floating upon us we need to create a Crystalline Matrix Field as our Column or Pillar of Light, so that we can begin integrating our Electromagnetic Etheric Fields of Light Consciousness

This Sessions' Teaching we will be discussing:

  • Activating/Accelerating your 5D Consciousness Awareness to Acceptance.

  • Ascension Frequencies now flowing need to be incepted embedded and imprinted into your Crystalline Matrix. We will create the Crystalline Matrix.