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    • Stepping Into Mastery October Session 2
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    Stepping Into Mastery - Audios

    • Master Class - Part 1 -Clearing Activation
    • Master Sharing Teaching - Part 2
    • Teaching Chakra Body pt 3
    • Teaching Chakra Body - Part 4
    • Chakra Column Activation

Stepping Into Mastery

October 2019 Session 2

A Heightened TRUE Connection of our own Divinity is soaring upon this Planet, and we are Transitioning within of Knowing and Being in a Harmonic Oneness Consciousness. The Infinite Masters of Light Intelligences will be back onboard to teach of these New Harmonic Frequencies that are pouring upon us, empowering us, and asking us to “Step Into Mastery” to prepare for the upcoming Shifts and Transitions for the balance of this year, a Master Year of ‘12” cradling us into Ascension for 2020. Get ready…. For each month moving ahead until the end of this ‘12’ Master Year you will be experiencing these Masters of Light Lessons and Activations to flow through your Inner Body, Inner Mind, Aligning you to all Auric/Etheric Fields of LIGHT Consciousness Follow ME (Master Energies) each month as I Connect and Communicate to these Higher Beings from Multi-Dimensions Beyond to Co-Create Reality Consciousness on this Planet and prepare all for the Ascension waveforms in 2020.

In this Session we will be:

  • Letting Go of the Reflections and Projections of our Genetic Ancestor and all Lineage Bloodline Frequencies still holding us back in our Cellular Memory Fields. Why can we not move forward on some days? What is stopping My Success? My Abilities from processing? Cut Residual Chords

  • HEALING ACTIVATION: Understanding the Polarity Reflection when it arrives in order to Cut these Programmed Chords of Family Lineages.