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    • Stepping Into Mastery April Session 1
    • Stepping Into Mastery April 1st Info Sheet
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    • Stepping Into Mastery April Session 1 Metatron Teaching
    • SteppingIntoMastery April Session 1 Grid Systems Teaching/Activation2020
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    Class Notes

    • Stepping Into Mastery April Session 1- Class Notes
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Welcome to the Energetic Waveforms that are sweeping through and around all of your Minds and Bodies as you Step once more into the Mastery Frequencies of Knowledge, Wisdom, Healings and a Reclaiming and Renewing of your Hidden Light Crystals to now be Re-Activated.

Join ME (Master Energies) ONLINE this upcoming Sunday for a beautiful Teaching of your Sacred Timelines that all need to be Healed and Released into FREEDOM for your Soul to Align back into the Chakra Body and Soul Child who is awaiting this Reclaiming of Light Codes.

*We will be asking the Masters to awaken the hidden Knowledge within our DNA and to Align all our Hearts and Minds into our Inner Child of this Knowledge. 

*A KEY Frequency to your own CODE of Consciousness will be delivered for a further understanding of  how you can tap into your Master Soul Essence and Frequencies longer. 

* We will have a 1 hour Teaching Session, followed by a Master Activation that will allow you to tap into your own Master Strands and Chords of Light.

 Each class is presented with a Master of Light Teaching and Sealed with an Activation that is to be utilized by the student until the next class.