Course curriculum

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    • Stepping Into Mastery February Session
  • 2


    • Opening Teaching
    • Light Code Activation
    • Gathering Consciousness Fields with NoraWalksinspirit
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    • Electro Field

It is my Soul desire to teach you, heal you and guide you onto your own Pathway of Mastery.

Your own true Connection and Communications to these Unknown, Unseen ONES that are here and now assisting, guiding, guarding you; will enable you to establish ONENESS from within, so that all of your Abilities, Gifts, Virtues and Beliefs will come into form. One hour MASTER TEACHINGS will be delivered followed by an ACTIVATION into MASTERY. The Masters will Speak, Teach, Heal and Adorn their LIGHT Intelligences through ME that will assist you, guide you, educate you on how to release any blocks that your Inner Child Mind may interrupt you with. They ask that you be patient within of your frightened Inner Child’s Soul and Mind, through LOVE it will release the determined Mind, and you will become BALANCED to ALIGN, LISTEN, and RECEIVE from these Masters’ Teachings.

In This Session:

t is my own Soul desire to teach you, heal you and guide you onto your own Pathway of Mastery

Have you ever sat down to LISTEN to your Inner Body’s Energy, or LISTEN to your Inner Child’s heartbeat, or felt the True ESSENCE of your Soul Being speaking to you in the absolute STILLNESS of a quiet early morning hour…

I’m sure you all have, and now it is time to ACTIVATE and CREATE a New YOU of this Energy of LIGHT that is soaring upon the Planet and awakening your true Soul of Light!

Each month we will Gather into My Hoop of Oneness and create a Crystalline Grid into all of your Hearts and Minds for the Masters of Intelligences to ‘pour more Light’ into your transforming Body, Mind and Soul of ME. (Master Energy).

In this Session we will be discussing your own “ENERGY Field”

  • What is ENERGY when you can’t see it, but feel it shift your mind and body into such a dramatic emotional outpouring at any moment?
  • How do you take control of your own Energy AND how do you clear away the heavy Energy to sustain a LIGHT Energy Body Mind and Soul?
  • What are the Signs and Signals that will be the warning of an Intrusive Field arriving to trigger you into falling back into your old Energy Patterns of old emotional spirals. What are your Triggers, when do they creep in, what time?
    Activation on Clearing those Thought Form Triggers and Removing Energy that is no longer a part of your new LIGHT Body.