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    • Stepping Into Mastery February Session 2
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    • Connecting to your Master Soul ME
    • Stepping Into Mastery Session 2 Class Notes
    • Aligning Clearing Outer Fields Inner Minds

It is my Soul desire to teach you, heal you and guide you onto your own Pathway of Mastery.

Stepping Into Mastery Classes which will be building a new Body Mind and Soul Being of all that you are… Who you are and How you will begin to See, Feel and BE a New Energetic Being of LOVE….yippee! Have you ever sat down to LISTEN to your Inner Body’s Energy, or LISTEN to your Inner Child’s heartbeat, or felt the True ESSENCE of your Soul Being speaking to you in the absolute STILLNESS of a quiet early morning hour… I’m sure you all have, and now it is time to ACTIVATE and CREATE a New YOU of this Energy of LIGHT that is soaring upon the Planet and awakening your true Soul of Light! Each month we will Gather into My Hoop of Oneness and create a Crystalline Grid into all of your Hearts and Minds for the Masters of Intelligences to ‘pour more Light’ into your transforming Body, Mind and Soul of ME. (Master Energy)

In This Session:

In this Session:

  • How is the Emotional Mind and Body reacting now to these New ENERGIES
  • Sharing of Triggers that have been Resolved and Dissolving before they arrive

ACTIVATION for HEALINGRELEASING and finally KNOWING how to spot the old program and immediately Release, Breathe IN, HOLD and Transmit the Light Energy into all Chakras of the Body, Mind and Soul of ME.(Master Energy)