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Stepping Into Mastery

January 2020 Session 1

We will begin working this First Month of 2020, with Focus and Awareness; to recognize each day, more often, of the Clearing and Alignment into our NEW Crystalline Auric Fields. And to continue to Activate your own Auric Fields of the Crystalline Plasma Shields of Protection. This is a Year of Acceleration into our Crystal Light Body Consciousness and move into these Ascension Frequencies. We need to create a Crystalline Matrix Field as our Column or Pillar of Light, to amplify and begin integrating our Electromagneti Etheric Fields into ONENESS.

In this Session we will be:

  • A Master Message for what lies ahead for 2020 Enlightenment Empowering Miracle Year will be delivered in the moment for all to become infused of their Soul Light CODES that will begin pouring into all Auric Fields and filling the Room.

  • Activating/Accelerating your Outer Auric Fields into Crystalline Light Frequencies.

  • Understand how to stay Connected and Aligned into these Ascension Frequencies now incepted embedded and imprinted into your Crystalline Matrix.

We will create the Crystalline Matrix