Course curriculum

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    • Stepping Into Mastery January Session 2
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    • Master Class Teaching Audio with noraWalksinspirit
    • Body Shifting Teaching Audio with noraWalksinspirit
    • Healing Closing with noraWalksinspirit
    • Healing Connecting Activation Audio with noraWalksinspirit
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    Class Notes

    • STEPPING into MASTERY- Teaching/Healing Activation Class Notes

It is my Soul desire to teach you, heal you and guide you onto your own Pathway of Mastery.

Your own true Connection and Communications to these Unknown, Unseen ONES that are here and now assisting, guiding, guarding you; will enable you to establish ONENESS from within, so that all of your Abilities, Gifts, Virtues and Beliefs will come into form. One hour MASTER TEACHINGS will be delivered followed by an ACTIVATION into MASTERY. The Masters will Speak, Teach, Heal and Adorn their LIGHT Intelligences through ME that will assist you, guide you, educate you on how to release any blocks that your Inner Child Mind may interrupt you with. They ask that you be patient within of your frightened Inner Child’s Soul and Mind, through LOVE it will release the determined Mind, and you will become BALANCED to ALIGN, LISTEN, and RECEIVE from these Masters’ Teachings.