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    • June 20th 2020 Solstice Information Sheet
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    • Solstice Living Energies

5-5 GATEWAY 2020

A NEW Earth of a NEW Consciousness is birthing

Let us Gather Harmonically into ONENESS within all our Hearts and Minds for Solstice.  

The Consciousness of Ascension is Awakening in every Rock Formation, Ocean floor, Desert Sand and these Higher Living Energies of Consciousness have begun to Shift and Awaken our  Hearts and Minds to a deeper Awareness of Communicating Telepathically to a New way of thinking as our Pineal Glands, become the New Communicative Chord of Intelligences of LIGHT.  

ONENESS of Harmonic LOVE raises this New World into Living Fields of LIGHT, LOVE and PEACE. 

During this Sacred Summer Solstice, a “Portal” within you of a “Reality Doorway” of your own Soul, waiting to dance within you  will be Activated for you to step through and become ONENESS of your own “Living Reality Consciousness”.  

This SOLSTICE is your Reality Doorway and Portal to Mastery

I Welcome you, to join ME and the Infinite Masters ONLINE who will guide and teach and Activate our Inner Being to that of a MASTER BEING of Who You Are